This lab is about Packet tracer – Investigating the TCP/IP and OSI Models in Action. In this tutorial we will discuss about Packet tracer lab in which we will Investigating the TCP/IP and OSI models In Action, in last tutorial we discuss about Packet tracer – Configuring a Switch Management Address

In this topology we have one web server which providing http service to user PC-A

Objectives of Packet tracer – Investigating the TCP/IP and OSI Models in Action

• In this CCNA packet tracer lab we will Examine HTTP web traffic
• Display the Elements of the TCP/IP protocol Suite

Switch from Realtime to Simulation Mode

Click on Simulation mode, basically simulation mode is use to check the packet transmission.

  • Now select the HTTP protocol from the Event list filter.

  • After that send the HTTP traffic to PC-A from the web server go to the PC-A and go to Desktop Tab and then open browser and type www.osi.local and go it will take time you can make fast forward it.
  • When you did it you will see the number of packet passing click on any PDU info it will show the PDU detail please check must you have select OSI layers.
  • ensure that the Layer 7 box is highlighted

  • Click Next Layer Layer 4 should be highlighted. What is the Dst Port value?
  • Click Next Layer Layer 3 should be highlighted. What is the Dest.IP value?
  • Click Next Layer What information is displayed at this layer?

We are discussing about Out layers check all layers IP and Port value and functionalities.

Now click to OutBound PDU DetailsThe information listed under the Ethernet II section provides even more detailed information than is listed under Layer 2 on the OSI Model tab. The Outbound PDU Details provides more descriptive and detailed information. The values under DEST MAC and SRC MAC within the Ethernet II section of the PDU Details appear on the OSI Model tab under Layer 2, but are not identified as such.

That is enough now you can read the packet and investigate the TCP/IP and OSI Models in Action. Hope you like it, keep in touch for more CCNA labs and different practices.

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