Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge

This lab is about Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge. In this tutorial we will discuss about Packet Tracer answers, in last tutorial we discuss about Introduction to CCNA Packet Tracer – Troubleshooting Default Gateway Issues.




The objectives for Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge are below. Performing these objectives will earn us the required score.

  • Finishing the network demonstration for Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge
  • Performing basic device configuration on a router and a switch.
  • Verifying the connectivity and troubleshoot the issues.



Your network manager is impressed with your performance in your job as a LAN technician. She would like you to now demonstrate your ability to configure a router connecting two LANs.Your tasks include configuring basic settings on a router and a switch using the Cisco IOS.

You will then verify your configurations, as well as configurations on existing devices by testing end-to-end connectivity.



As per Requirement for Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge, we will perform the tasks required by the Network Manager.

  1. First requirement is to provide the missing information in the addressing table. This requirement is fulfilled by viewing the Ip addresses of the PC’s and the Gateways for these PC’s which is required,
  2. Second requirement for Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge is to name the router and switch.
  3. Third requirement is to secure all lines by using the cisco as the user EXEC password for all lines.
  4. Fourth requirement is to secure the privileged EXEC password and using the class as the Privileged EXEC password.
  5. Fifth requirement is to encrypt all plain text password by using the command service-password encryption.
  6. Sixth requirement for Packet Tracer – Skills Integration Challenge is to configure an appropriate banner i.e.(Banner motd)
  7. Seventh task is to configure the interfaces with the given addressing provided in the addressing table. Don’t forget to add the document description for the interfaces.
  8. Eighth last but the least we will save the running configurations into the start-up configurations.

That’s all for today. Stay tuned for more CCNA solved labs


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