In this article we will discuss about Linux server application. In last article we discuss about What is a command? Linux command tutorial with examples

As we know Linux at running server applications because of its efficiency and reliability. You can serve different kind of services like web pages and DNS, DHCP, File sharing, and Database and other different services. If you want to serve web pages, you will need web server software, not a Database server!

What is Linux server application? Types of services

Types of Linux server Application

We have different type of application some are as follows.

Web server hosts content for web pages. Which are viewed by a web browser using the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) or its encrypted flavor, HTTPS. The web page itself can be static which means that when the web browser requests the page the web server just sends the file as it appears on disk. WordPress is one popular example. Users can develop content through their browser in the WordPress application and the software turns it into a fully functional website.

Apache is the dominant web server in use today. Apache was originally a standalone project but the group has since formed the Apache Software Foundation and maintains over a hundred open source software projects.

For file sharing, Samba is the clear winner. Samba allows a Linux machine to look like a Windows machine so that it can share files and participate in a Windows domain. Samba implements the server components, such as making files available for sharing and certain Windows server roles, and also the client end so that a Linux machine may consume a Windows file share. If you have Apple machines on your network, the Netatalk project lets your Linux machine behave as an Apple file server.

As your computer network gets larger, you will need to implement some kind of directory. The oldest directory is called the Domain Name System and is used to convert a name like to an IP address like, which is a unique identifier of that computer on the Internet. DNS also holds such global information like the address of the MTA for a given domain name. An organization may want to run their own DNS server to host their public facing names, and also to serve as an internal directory of services. The Internet Software Consortium maintains the most popular DNS server, simply called bind after the name of the process that runs the service.

Another familiar service is called Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). When a computer boots up, it needs an IP address for the local network so it can be uniquely identified. DHCP’s job is to listen for requests and to assign a free address from the DHCP pool.

A database stores information and also allows for easy retrieval and querying. This purpose we have the most popular databases here are MySQL and PostgreSQL. You might enter raw sales figures into the database and then use a language called Structured Query Language (SQL) to aggregate sales by product and date in order to produce a report.

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