Packet tracer - Building a Simple Network Packet tracer Lab

In this Packet Tracer – Building a Simple Network, we will build a simple network. In previous article we discus about Packet Tracer – Implementing Basic Connectivity.

In this article we will discuss about.

  • Set Up the Network Topology (Ethernet only)
  • Configure PC Hosts
  • Configure and Verify Basic Switch Settings

For Building a simple Network we must need switches, routers and hosts. In this lab we will connect 2 hosts, 2 switches and configure a simple network include hosts name, local password, logical banner and will show running configuration , IOS version ,interface status.

Required Resources for Building a Simple Network

  • 2 Switches (Cisco 2960 with Cisco IOS Release 15.0(2) lanbasek9 image or comparable)
  • 2 PCs (Windows 7 or 8 with terminal emulation program, such as Tera Term)
  • Console cables to configure the Cisco IOS devices via the console ports
  • Ethernet cables as shown in the topology

Set Up the Network Topology (Ethernet only)

In this we will cabling the devices together according to the network topology.

  • Power on the devices
  • Connect the two switches
  • Connect the PCs to their respective switches
  • Visually inspect network connections

After that, now you have to Configure PC Hosts.

Configure PC Hosts

Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) option and then click Properties

Click the Use the following IP address radio button to manually enter an IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway

After that you can check your IP configuration by this command in CMD “IP configuration”. Check you network connection by pinging, ping PC’s by their IP address.

Configure and Verify Basic Switch Settings

Console into the switch.

Using TeraTerm, establish a console connection to the switch from PC-A

Now Type those command.

  • Enable (EXEC MODE)
  • # Config terminal (configuration terminal)
  • # Hostname S1 (setting hostname)
  • # No ip domain-lookup (To prevent the switch from attempting to translate incorrectly entered commands as though they were hostnames, disable the Domain Name System (DNS) lookup.
  • # Enable secret class (logical password)
  • # Line console 0
  • # Password cisco (password)
  • # Login
  • # Exit

# banner motd sorry friend #

# Do wr (save configurations)

  • Show running-config ( will show all running configuration in switch.
  • Show version (will show current IOS information)
  • # show ip interface brief (will show all ip interfaces berifly)
  • #show flash (show the flash of router)
  • # delete vlan.dat ( now delete the VLAN which is in flash)
  • # erase startup-config (earase all the configurations)
  • #Reload (reload the router)

That’s all Hope you will like this article, Keep in touch for more.


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