XAMPP Installation for PHP+MySQL.

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Introduction of XAMPP

The very first thing is to run PHP on our Local computer by using XAMPP server. Which includes multiple facilities of Web server, Database, Complier of PHP, FileZilla for FTP transfer. Basically our computer is an offline server. For running PHP online we need a server. But it is an offline server. For running PHP online we need an online server, the facility provided by XAMPP is that it creates an online server on your computer. You can test your PHP files offline.

The benefit of offline testing is that you can remove your errors in the scripts offline. If you upload your scripts online and there comes a runtime error it becomes difficult to remove the runtime errors. The runtime error is that if a single mistake is present in a line the PHP website will not work until the error is remove. Always try to prepare the Projects and Website offline and then after offline testing then upload it on the internet.

When you install XAMP in your computer. It create two thing in your computer. A XAMP folder is created in C Drive. It contains all files which includes htdoces folder. Htdocs folder is the root folder of site. This is where you place your files and scripts, you can open it directly online.

Installation of XAMPP

Go to google and type XAMPP download and download the latest version. Chose the installer as it installs easily. After installing the XAMPP it will create a shortcut of XAMPP control and XAMPP folder in C Drive. Check that the Apache Webserver is working or not. Apache is necessary and essential as it is server which is working on your computer. MySQL is Database.

For checking that the Apache is working or not just go to browser and type Localhost. It will direct you to page of XAMPP. When you save any file script in htdocs folder these files can be open in the browser. After checking that it is working we can move further.

Also download Notepad ++ it user friendly for programmers. It is a test editor used for writing codes. It provides with the line numbers and helps in removing the errors. We write in Dream viewer, Notepad, PHP text editor. But Notepad ++ is free, easy and simple. I also love to write codes in Notepad ++. Stay tuned for next tutorial of PHP.

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