Lab answer - Viewing Network Device MAC Addresses

This lab is about Lab answer – Viewing Network Device MAC Addresses. In this tutorial we will discuss about lab answers, in last tutorial we discuss about Introduction to VTP (VLAN Trunking Protocol). Lab Answer

Here we have topology of Lab – Viewing Network Device MAC Addresses. We have a switch and a PC-A user and we will configure them with the given Addressing table. Lab answer - Viewing Network Device MAC Addresses Lab answer – Viewing Network Device MAC Addresses Lab Required Resources

  1. 1 Switch (Cisco 2960)
  2. 1 PC
  3. Console Cable
  4. Ethernet Cable Lab Objective

  • Configure Devices
  1. Cable the Network with the given instructions, connect S1 F0/6 to PC-A Ethernet Port.
  2. Configure the IP address, Default gateway to the PC-A with respect to given Addressing table.
  3. Configure Basic setting for the switch (watch below video for configurations).
  • Verify Connectivity
  1. Ping the PC-A with the switch, if it response normal then connectivity is correct.
  • Display, Discribe and Analyze Ethernet MAC address

Ethernet MAC addresses are 48-bit long. They are displayed using six sets of hexadecimal digit that are usually separated by the dashes, colons or periods.




  1. Open the command promote and type ipconfig/all (it will show the IP address and MAC address of the device.)
  2. Analyses the Mac address of S1 F0/6 interface. Lab Configurations

S1# show interfaces vlan 1

It will show MAC address, IP address and BIA stand for Burned in address.

S1# Show arp

It will show mac addresses information arp stands for Address Resolution protocol.

S1# Show MAC address table

It will show whole scenario Mac addresses Table.

Watch the video for all configuration of Lab answer, hope you will like it. If you have any problem regarding to this lab you can comment or contact us. Keep in touch!


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