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What is PHP?

Hi I’m Ali Hassan form Telecom Academy. Today you  will learn about the PHP MYSQL language. Here is a brief introduction to PHP.


PHP Hyper Text Pre-Processor an open-source is a server side scripting language/software/tool which is used for creating powerful dynamic websites, web application and desktop applications.

PHP is a free to use web programming language which is used for creating interactive websites. The site in which users can communicate with the sites and vice versa.

PHP is a server side web development language which must require a server for execution. If there is no any server the language will not execute. PHP software is installed on a Server its libraries, compliers built in functions and commands are present on the server. You cannot run it in on the Web unless you install it on a Web Server.

PHP History.

PHP was originally created by Rasmus Lerdporf in 1995. PHP new implementation is now released by PHP Group. PHP first version 1.0 was released in 1995 and its latest version is 5.5

Difference between a server side & client side scripting language.

As PHP is server side scripting language. Some languages like AJAX Java are client side scripting language.A server side scripting language always generates run time errors in the browser.

While a client side language does not generate any error in the browser.The source code of a server side scripting language cannot be found in the HTML.Server side scripting language has it library or compiler from which information can be accessed

While a client side scripting language does not have any complier.

What we can create with PHP?

  • We can create web applications using PHP
  • We can create dynamic websites using PHP
  • We can create social network sites using PHP such as Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace etc.
  • We can create News sites such as, and many more.
  • We can create E-commerce online shopping stores using PHP such as
  • We can create small applications using PHP such as online clocks, calculators, image sliders, love converters, currency converters, and visitor counter.
  • We can create desktop applications using PHP such as data storing software, image editing software, image resizing software etc.

Some Great Live Examples Of PHP



  • PHP is a free to use and open source web development language.
  • ASP is a framework of Microsoft which is not totally free and is not open source.
  • PHP has a share of 65% in current web development scenario
  • PHP is easy to understand simple to write.
  • ASP is difficult to understand and is not written freely like PHP.


MySQL with PHP as a Database. 

For storing the date in the server a database is always necessary for any development/scripting language, and PHP also needs this. With PHP any database can be used such as Oracle, SQL, or MY SQL an even MS Access.

But MySQL is the most useful Relational Database Management System (RDMBS) which is also open source and free of cost. MySQL is mostly used with PHP for storing the data inside web servers.


How does PHP work?

PHP codes can be written inside HTML document, but PHP requires a web server installed in order to be executed. PHP is actually a software/tool which is installed on a web server from where it performs the tasks given by the developer and returns the output on the visitor’s browser within milliseconds. PHP Syntax & Methods. PHP’s syntax is a bit similar to other programming languages such a Java and Asp of Microsoft.

PHP can be written HTML document anywhere in the body <body> section or in the <head> section or outside the <html> tag.

A simple PHP script is written like this:


Code goes here


What tools are required to run PHP?

In order to run PHP we need to have following tools/software installed on our computer.

  • A web server (for performing all tasks)
  • A database (for storing text-data)
  • A latest version of PHP software (for accessing PHP functions & commands)
  • A text editor (for writing codes)
  • A web browser (for viewing the output)

To use PHP online and offline you must have these tools in your PC.

Solution for having all tools at once!

We have two set of tools for running PHP easily on our computer. The first package is called WAMP which has all the software at one place such a PHP, Apache Server, MySQL Database & FileZilla. The second package is called XAMPP which also has same set of tools for using PHP in our local computer.

We will use XAMPP while learning PHP in this sourse, you can download it free from the Google. You may also like How to select Niche for YouTube Earning for online earning.



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