Configuration SIP Extension in Asterisk FreePBX

In the previous tutorial we learned Installation of Asterisk Freepbx Now in this tutorial we will  work on freepbx configure phone, freepbx extension settings, freepbx sip extension setup and SIP Extension in FreePBX. We select to install Free PBX as a virtual machine. We installed it on VM Workstation as a virtual server machine. So we can access it with the help of an IP address. you can see the previous tutorial about AsteriskNow Free PBX you can see Installation of AsteriskNow Freepbx.

Configuration SIP Extension in Asterisk FreePBX


After complete installation we get an IP address from the AsteriskNow Free PBX virtual machine. Note that IP address and type it in the Browser’s Tab. After browsing IP address of AsteriskNow Free PBX, it will welcome you to the Free PBX Administration. You need to register yourself by following the steps;


  • Create a user by providing the core credentials that will be used to administer your system
  • Type your username & password of your system.
  • Email verification is not necessary in some scenarios.
  • Set up your Free PBX account to start your Free PBX server system.


You will see five options including

Free PBX administration

It is used for administrate your Free PBX server system. Its basic Functionality is to create the extensions and configuration to set-up the Free PBX server call establishment.

User Control Panel

Control panel for multiple parameters settings in your server system

Operator Panel

Operator panel for providing operator service to the customers & clients.

Get Support

It is used for FAQ’s from the Free PBX online support.

Asterisk SIP Settings

We will chose the FreePBX Administration option. It will ask for the username and password. Enter the username and password we created after accessing the server through the IP. Following steps will be performed


  • Select the setting option from the Navigation bar
  • Chose the Asterisk SIP settings
  • Perform the NAT settings
  • Just click the auto configure and it will fetch an IP from the DHCP of your Access Point.
  • Select the Audio Codecs chose the codecs with G7 series, these are the best codecs for audio.
  • Enable the video codecs and select all the four codecs and set the Max bit rate to 1024.
  • Submit the changes and apply the configurations.
  • Now navigate to the applications and select the Extensions options and submit the Generic SIP Device.
  • Enter the credentials of User Extension, display name & SIP Alias for creating the Extensions.
  • Do not forget to enter the secret password for the authentication and apply configurations to save the Extensions.
  • Create two extension or more as per needed.

Stay tuned for the configurations of the SIP clients and SIP ePhones in the next tutorial.

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