How to Download and install Wireshark?

Hi, i am hamza arif from telecomacadmey and welcome to Troubleshoot network. Today we are going to discuss about, How to Download and install Wireshark?

Lesson # 1 : What is wireshark?

Download and install Wireshark

If you want to download and install Wireshark Go to WireShark download for this course will use old stable release 2.0.7 go and download it.

Install wireshark

Now going to go to step, this take to the license agreement. Read the agreement and select i agree. Then the next step comes to that what component i want to install, you will see Tshark will also an option. It’s a lightweight application and it doesn’t have heavy graphical interface because of it’s less resource intensive, go to next.

Then you can create the shortcuts you want, go next. Then next step select the Destination folder browse where you want to save the files, go next. After that you will see the WinPcap install option. Many people might not to install WinPcap but they really do need it.

There are three packet capture engines WinPcap for windows, NPcap for linux and AirPcap for wireless. So yes i want to install it. Let it run and wait for complete the installation.

Install WinPcap

Now we have to install WinPcap go next and then i agree, install WinPcap driver at boot time and select install and finish. After that go to next and now we can run the wireshark and also see the news and then we can say finish.

Then a prompt will show you that is the regular wireshark, and then close it and open wireshark legacy and that is the one which we are going to use for the course.

So when you open it you will see three portion as usual.  Right here you will see the Display filter and down below you will see three columns. At the left interface you will see the capture interface for capture the packets. You can see the interface list scroll down here, and i can select any interface and click on green start button. Down below you can see the some capture help, if you need help that how to capture network media.

Then the file section this is open the previously capture file and sample capture files. There are repository where you can get many sample of packet capture.

Then the right hand side there is Online section where you can visit the project website, the user guide and security.

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