How to get free YouTube Views for you channel

How to get free YouTube View

Hello I am Hamza Arif from Telecom Academy, in this tutorial I will share different way to get free YouTube views. You can earn with YouTube Views money watch our YouTube SEO course for boost YouTube views.
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How to get more views on YouTube

There is many different way we will discuss for get free YouTube Views. So let’s start discussing those way to get free YouTube views. Some way are paid and some way are Free.

Get free YouTube view from YouTube

Yes you can grab a lot of Subscriber and get free YouTube views from this trick, there is nothing magical you just have to comment on those videos which are related to your videos. If you will do a lot of comment your channel get spammed. Just do 3 to 4 comment daily and well written you will surely get subscriber. This one is the most success full and secret trick to get free YouTube views and subscribers.

Buy YouTube Views

This is the one of the most popular way to get free YouTube Views, some website’s are providing this service in cheap rates. There is a lot of website you can find on google. But the problem is that many of the people want free and authentic traffic. Some website providing Good and Authentic traffic but some providing Low quality and illegal traffic. That’s the biggest issue for that people don’t have trust on that kind of websites. You can buy YouTube views from some trusted sites, you will get easily those kind of website.

Get free YouTube views by Exchanging views

This is the one of the most popular way for getting views on YouTube video’s, but now if you will use this way, your channel surely will get suspend or ban from YouTube. This is not a legal way to get free YouTube views. There is many website’s which are providing this service but after exchanging views YouTube will count your views but after two or three days the views will be disappear and may be your channel will get suspend. So I will not recommend this way to get free YouTube views.

Get free YouTube Views from App

Yes, there is a lot of applications in smartphone which provide the facility of get free YouTube views but for this you have to pay them but they providing good and authentic traffic in cheap rate’s. The basic purpose of those app is giving YouTube views and they will pay those people who watch the videos. They also pay money to their users who watch the videos. They are just giving views and get paid and paid their user to watch the videos.

Get free YouTube Views from Facebook

This is one of the best way and without any investment and no one still know this way, this one is the most secret trick to get views on YouTube. I am 100 percent sure that Get free YouTube Views from Facebook trick will help you to grab a lot of free views and the views are authentic. You will also get YouTube Subscribers with the help of this trick. You don’t have need to buy YouTube views and you will easily boost YouTube views.

• Create a page on Facebook with the name of your Channel.
• Now post the link of your video on which you want views.
• Now there is a lot of auto liker website which provide Auto likes on posts search on google “Auto likers for Facebook posts” you will get many websites.
• Create an Fake account, and then give the auto liker access to your account and then submit your post ID and it will start giving Likes.
• You have to do this step more than 20 time you post at least have 20,000+ Likes.
• This is not an issue that you page must have likes, no need of fan page likes you just have to get likes on post. After get 20,000 views your post will be boosted on Facebook and you will start get free YouTube views.

You will get near about 10,000+ views on YouTube video and if you have Hosted AdSense account you will get near about 100 to 200 clicks, this trick is 100 percent working and no one still know this trick.

Get free YouTube Views from social media

Create accounts on social media with the name of your channel. You have to post links of your videos it doesn’t matter that you have 0 follower, like or subscriber on social media.
You can find top 50 social media website and signup on all of them and share you YouTube video link on all of them.

How to get YouTube Subscribers

I will suggest you to join S4S groups to increase your YouTube subscriber. There is a lot of group on Facebook which are exchanging YouTube subscribers just join them and exchange subscribers. It will help you on starting point to make your channel a worthy channel.
Hope you like this article that about how to get free YouTube Views. I will share more interesting tricks to increase YouTube views and make money throw YouTube, Keep in Touch!

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