How to install WordPress

In this tutorial I will tell you that how to install WordPress, in previous tutorial we discussed that How to add domain name in cPanel. After adding domain we have to do just some few steps for install WordPress for our site, After installing WordPress on your site you can manage your site throw CMS.

Step 1: Login to your cPanel.

Step 2: Go to  section.

Softaculous Apps Installer

Step 3: Choose WordPress from here.

You can also create blogs, Micro blogs, Portals/CMS Forums Image Galleries, Wikis and many more

Step 4: After that click on Install Now button.

How to install WordPress for your site

There you will see four sections.

How to install wordpress for your site

How to install wordpress for site

  • Software Setup
  • Site settings
  • Admin Account
  • Choose language


Software Setup:

Choose protocol: Select your site protocol If your site has SSL, then please choose the HTTPS protocol.

Choose domain: Select your domain on which you want to install wordpress.

In Directory: Leave this blank

Site setting:

Site Name: Your site name

Site Description: Your site Discription

Enable Multisite (WPMU): Don’t tick it.

Check out: Snaptube

Admin Account:

Admin Username: Write your username here

Admin Password: Write your account password

Admin Email: Write you Email address of website.

Choose Language:

Select your site language you can use any language.

Select Theme:

Select the theme which you want to install and then simply click on install, There is many paid themes on WordPress you can also buy them or you can use free templates also.

After 30 to 40 minutes you can login to your site throw this kind of link.  WP-admin is basically showing WordPress Admin you have to add wp-admin in the end of your domain for login to WordPress platform. Hope so after watching this tutorial now you can install WordPress for your site, Share us with your friend if you like it.

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