How to select Niche for YouTube Earning

I am Hamza Arif from Telecom Academy, in previous tutorial you can read the introduction of YouTube earning Course, previous tutorial is about that How to earn from YouTube?

In this tutorial I will tell you that How to select Niche for YouTube Earning what kind of video you have to download and which video is related to your passion and which kind of video people watch on YouTube.

Go to YouTube front page you will see that topics

  • Music
  • Sports
  • Gaming
  • Food
  • Health
  • Technology
  • How to Tutorial
  • Funny videos

Youtube front page Subcriptions

This is the main topics which getting more views, but I suggest you to find or create your own and unique idea.

I will suggest you don’t work on Music topic because YouTube is very strict, they will give you copyright notice if you upload any song.

How to select Niche for YouTube Earning

Sports is very large place on YouTube because sports have many type like Cricket, Football, Golf, Basketball, Baseball, Tennis, Boxing karate and many more, you have to select only one sports. Let, we will select cricket. Now in cricket there is multiple things like Cricket players, Cricket Sixes, Cricket Wickets, Cricket Catches, Cricket Century’s, Cricket Highlights, Cricket full matches, Cricket Teams. Now let we are going to target Cricket Sixes.

Youtube earning 2

Same like you can pick that kind of topic for your website in game category you can also pick Kid games, Children games, Boy games, girl’s games.

Now go to the YouTube and select your keyword on which you want to rank your YouTube videos. You can also see the screen shot below.

Youtube earning keyword selection

Now I hope so your idea is clear about YouTube videos. Same in food, Health and technology you can work on Android, Laptop and Etc.

In Funny videos section I will show you that how much peoples are working on funny videos. This is your topic and also keyword finding in Funny category.

You can also do that you can upload mix videos on one channel but first you have to make your channel an authority or you must have 200+ subscribers. First randomly we will select this topic “Funny Cats” now see how I will pick keywords.

In next tutorial I will tell you from on which channel you can download videos, and from where you don’t have to download and also how to find keywords. We will discuss many tips and tricks related to YouTube Earning Keep in touch!

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