How to use WordPress - How to create WordPress site

What is WordPress?

When we are talking about WordPress first Question rise in mind How to use WordPress. WordPress is basically CMS (Content Management System) system a platform to create websites or blogs. WordPress is an online tool like BlogSpot which help us to create our own site or blog, it is totally developed in php & MySQL. In CMS environment we can give our site better Interface. We can upload pictures, videos where we want with the help of CMS. I will update my WordPress lectures in future and will share some tips and tricks about WordPress because now I’m Fully playing with WP features. I am sure that after this course you can solve this puzzle that How to use WordPress.

WordPress Introduction.

Basically WordPress introduce to create blogs, peoples create blog and upload their pictures, videos or article and then after some year’s WordPress is the largest platform for create dynamic websites.

What we learn in this course?

In that course we will learn about how to create dynamic website or How to use WordPress. If you create dynamic site then you can create your own blogs. As we know to create dynamic website we have to purchase Domain and Hosting, my advice to buy domain and hosting from namecheap, because it’s Cheap and with better servers.

My advice you to start with blog, create your free blog go to the Go to and create your free blog, sing up on WordPress and create your blog.

But in this Course we will work on Dynamic site. This course contains on more then eighteen lectures, which will be upload on our site

I hope after learning WordPress and establishing your website on WordPress you’ll say it as the most popular web platform, however, if you got any questions regarding this course or want to say something about this blog then use comment section to get my answers. Mostly people on internet search about online earning and many other websites waste their time, but here we will try to teach you completely that how to earn money online.

And hopefully you’ll share this post with all of your friends to let them know about free learning stuff. Stay Tuned!

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Hamza Arif

Hey, i hamza arif student of telecommunication from BZU, i am good in Networking, Telecommunication and Web Development working on different projects and try my best to teach them to all of you.
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