How to work on wordpress

In  last tutorial we discuss How to use WordPress – How to create WordPress site now you will learn how to work on wordpress and we will work on dynamic site, if you want to create a website and manage it on WordPress you have to buy a domain and web hosting, WordPress use for designing, on back hand the files are storing in Data base, after watching this tutorial i am sure you will learn that how to work on WordPress.

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I will suggest you , because you can buy domain and hosting in cheap rate with this domain.

When you buy a domain and hosting they will provide you a cPanel (Control panel) , you can manage your site data base and files with cPanel and you can install any platform for you website like joomla, WordPress or drupal.

See here How to add domain name in cPanel

See here How to install WordPress.

So let’s start here I have already domain name with

Whenever I want to work on my site I must have to login with this URL

How to work on WordPress

WP-Admin basically showing WordPress Admin panel here it will ask for login which we create during installation, after login I will see this platform.

How to work on WordPress

Now here you will see


Dashboard is front page when you open your site WordPress admin panel, here you can adjust what you want in dashboard for example you can see Site Stats, Google analytics dashboard, Yoast SEO plugin in the dashboard.


In this section you can create posts for your site, I will teach you how to write article in next tutorial.


Media is what you post on your article it can be picture, video, audio or any type of files


You can create multiple pages for your site, for example home page, blogs, contact us, about us etc.


In this section you can manage comment’s which you will get on your posts, you can approve or disapprove, Edit and delete the comments.


In this section you can manage your widgets, menus and you can coustomize the site.


You can add any plugin or remove and deactive ho the plugins. The list of some plugins are as follows

  • Ad inserter
  • Yoast SEO Premium
  • Kiwi


In this section you can manage your site user’s profiles.


In this section you can edit your site in PhP, if you know about Php you can edit your site from this section


In this section you can manage information related to your website.

Watch next WordPress tutorial to know How to work on WordPress, keep in touch!

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