Installation of AsteriskNow Freepbx

FreePBX is a dynamic and open source software package that uses the power of Linux to bring the function of Asterisk. Before we can administrate a FreePBX system, we have to complete the installation process and configure FreePBX. The installation of AsteriskNow FreePBX server is time taking you can have a coffee break too during the installation of AsteriskNow FreePBX.

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Installation of FreePBX on CentOS

The best and the recommended Operating System for installing AsteriskNow FreePBX is CentOS. Because CentOS is secure, stable OS based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. That’s why CentOS is most popular choice for Asterisk FreePBX. Following workstation and ISO files are essential for installation.


1. VM Ware Workstation
2. Asterisk NOW FreePBX

It can be easily available on the Web make sure to download the latest version of FreePBX ISO file. You can install it on an actual server but in this tutorial I’m installing it on a Virtual machine. I’m using VM Ware Workstation, you can also use Virtual Box for installation. Follow the steps to install FreePBX

• Create a new virtual machine.
• Select the typical and recommended configuration type.
• Select the guest operating system to Linux and version CentOS.
• Give name to your virtual machine.
• Minimum disk size is 20 GB and is enough for FreePBX.
• Store Virtual disk as a single file.
• Customize the hardware and use minimum 1 GB RAM and 2 processors.
• Select the FreePBX ISO file.
• Select network adapter setting to Bridged.
• Start the machine and select the version of the FreePBX for installation.
• Configure IP and select IP settings to DHCP.
• Select your time zone.
• Create a strong root password. Root is the user name of the machine.
• Installation of packages will start.

After installing the packages, running the internet access test. It will update the FreePBX modules and restart the machine. It will ask for the user that is “root” and password which you have created. FreePBX is installed and ready to be configured. In the next tutorial I will upload the Configuration SIP Extension in Asterisk FreePBX.

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