NOOBS Installation in Raspberry Pi 3

NOOBS (New out of Box Software) is an easy operating system installation manager for the Raspberry Pi. Before we proceed for installing the NOOBS on our Magic Device which is none other than Raspberry PI 3 here is a short Intro to the NOOBS and its different flavors.

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For beginners working on the raspberry Pi they should start with NOOBS New Out of the Box Software. Basically NOOBS is any easy operating system installer which contains Raspbian.

One important thing you have a choice of using different operating system as per your choice you just need to download the OS from the internet and install it in on the SD card preloaded with the NOOBS.

It has two types; NOOBS Lite & NOOBS.

NOOBS Lite contained the same operating system installer without Raspberrian Preloaded. It provides the OS selection menu allowing Raspberrian and other images to be downloaded and installed. Just get the zip file of NOOBS from the Raspberry website.

NOOBS can be downloaded from the raspberry Pi site which is an open source software. Once you have downloaded the NOOBS zip file you just need to copy the contents to the SD card as we have described that SD card is an essential component in our previous post if you haven’t seen it just go through it you will come to know about the essential components for setting up the Raspberry PI.

Setting up the Blank SD card for NOOBS installation in Raspberry Pi 3.

  1. Format the SD card as FAT.
  2. Download and extract the files from NOOBS zip file.
  3. Copy the extracted files onto the sd card so that this file is at the root directory of the sd card.
  4. Just copy and extract the folder instead of copying the folder inside of another folder.
  5. On the very first boot of the list of available operating systems will be Show.
  6. Select the Operating system which you want to use.
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