Packet Tracer - Implementing Basic Connectivity

Hi I’m Ali Hassan from Telecom Academy. Today I’ll discuss about the CCNA Routing and switching Packet Tracer solved lab. This lab is about Implementing Basic Connectivity between switch and PC’s. The objective of lab for Packet Tracer Implementing Basic Connectivity is consisted on three parts. Each part is discussed in a great detail below.

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Part 1

In this activity of implementing basic connectivity we will perform basic switch settings. We will perform a basic configuration on S1 and S2. First of all the switches will be configured with the hostname. Switch 1 will be given hostname of S1. And Switch 2 will be given the name of S2.

After giving hostnames to the switches we will secure the Line console and privileged EXEC mode using strong passwords. We use cisco for the Line console password and class for the privileged EXEC mode password. After applying the password you can easily verify the security of the Line Console and privilege EXEC mode.

The third step of Part 1 consist of configuring an MOTD banner. We use appropriate banner text to warn the unauthorized user access. The following text is an example. You can use your own MOTD banner for warning or some other purposes. At last we have to save the running-config to the startup-config.

Part 2

In this part of lab for Packet Tracer of Implementing Basic Connectivity, we will configure the PC’s with IP addresses. Click the IP Configuration in the PC and enter the IP address according the given IP scheme. Verify the connectivity to the switch by pinging the switch IP using Command Prompt. We were unable to ping switch, as the switches are not configured with the IP address.


Part 3

Now we will configure the Switches with the IP addresses. We will use the following commands for configuring the Switch IP address.

S1#configure terminal

Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.

S1(config)# interface vlan 1

S1(config-if)# ip address

S1(config-if)# no shutdown

%LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface Vlan1, changed state to up


S1(config-if)# exit

After configuring both the switches with the IP addresses. You can easily verify the connectivity by pinging the switch using PC. All pings should be successful. This is how you can use Packet Tracer Solved labs of Implementing Basic Connectivity for Cisco Certifications.

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