Packet Tracer Network Representation Packet Tracer Network Representation

The network model in this activity of Packet tracer you can see many of the technologies. That you can master in your CCNA Certifications studies. This activity represents a simplified version of a small to medium-sized business network representation. We can  configure and deploy these components. You can the previous Packet tracer lab about the Packet Tracer Tips & Navigation.

There are the common components of a Network representation. That are present in the Packet Tracer.


There is an icon toolbar at the bottom left hand corner. Which contains categories of networking components. You can navigate to various types of Network components for network representation including intermediary devices, end devices and media. It also contains the connection category with the lightning bolt icon. Which represent the Networking Media support by Packet Tracer.

Intermediary Devices

The intermediary devices contains Router, Switches, Wireless devices & Security for network representation. It is not necessary in a network representation that only a specified server machine can perform server functionality. You can make your computer a server. You have to install a special program and provide the services to other clients.

Intermediary devices are the devices that connect the individual end devices to the network. They can connect multiple individual network to an inter network.

Criteria for choosing a network media type:

  • What is the amount if data and speed at which it must be transmitted?
  • What is the cost of media and installation?
  • What type of environment will the media be installed
  • What is the maximum distance that the media can successfully carry a signal?

LANs, WANs, and the Internet

Local Area Network (LAN)

A network infrastructure is that  which provides access to users and end devices in a small geographical area. Which is typically an enterprise, home, or small business network. An individual or IT department can manage and own these networks.

Wide Area Network (WAN)

A network infrastructure is that which provides access to other networks over a wide geographical area. Telecommunications service provider are managing these networks.


The Internet is a worldwide collection of interconnecting networks you can say that inter networks or internet for short.

You can also see the: PACKET TRACER – HELP AND NAVIGATION TIPS for your help and navigation about the Packet Tracer.




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