Raspberry Pi 3 is not booting giving red light (Solution)

First time boot of Raspberry Pi 3

When we start working on Raspberry Pi then question rises in our mind, How to start Raspberry Pi 3 first time? So here we going to describe you how to start Raspberry Pi 3.

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Things which we need to start the device are as follows.

  • SD card

Insert SD card in the device, we can install any IOS in SD card and put it into the device. Just we have to instal Image ISO file. Raspberry pi make SD card bootable.

  • HDMI

If you are using HDMI port in LCD then connect this device with it. If you are not using HDMI then plug in your analogue TV or display. It will show the screen.

  • Plug in Mouse and Keyboard

Like computers, plugin keyboard and mouse in the ports of device. Which will help us to control the device.

  • Connect with a network

In raspberry pi this device is wireless and Bluetooth also we can connect it wirelessly or with Ethernet cable for connectivity purpose.

  • Power up

Plug in the micro USB power supply and power up the device. And the important thing about the charger is that it must be minimum of 5 V or 2 A. otherwise it will not work or even it will not preview the display.

CLI and GUI For Raspberry Pi 3

After you get the display you must find a terminal like Linux or Mac. Don’t Panic it’s the Command line interface of the Raspberry pi. If you have strong basics of programming or you have worked on the terminal of Linux you can just run the commands. If you don’t have any how about the programming then you don’t have need to worry, there we have also a GUI of this device which you can install from the official website of Raspberrypi.org/downloads. After download the ISO image then you have to extract the file from the PC (system) to the SD card.

Extract ISO image into SD card

When you are Extracting the SD card you are facing the problem of SHA-1 Key problem, which will not verify and due to it your file will be corrupted. Select MD4 it will create generating key. After that extract it. Then it will not give any kind of corrupt file error.

Python in GUI

When you access the GUI mood of Raspberry pi then you must have to know about Python Language which is very useful language in Raspberry pi. With the help of this programming we can attach our camera and other many sensors.

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