Telecom Academy at ICE 2018 NFC-IET MULTAN

ICE Innovative Competition of Engineering 2018 & Imagination beyond Vision

Telecom Academy at ICE 2018 NFC-IET MULTAN

ICE 2018, a comprehensive event that promises a spotlight designated to un-leash your talent, ingenuity and brilliance, a pedestal of your incomparable project. We are in the pursuit of promoting and singling out the individuals with the finest skills and innovative ideas that can be demonstrated and commercialized.

This year NFC IET Multan is trying to bridge the following departments/domains for ICE competition:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Computer Systems Engineering
  • Computer Sciences

While the Electrical Engineering domain encompasses projects based on both Hardware and Software regimes, the Chemical Engineering is seeking design posters for poster competition.

Telecom Academy at ICE 2018 NFC-IET MULTAN

Telecom Academy at ICE 2018 NFC-IET MULTAN

We Telecom Academy at ICE 2018 NFC-IET MULTAN were there to represent Telecom Academy. FYP Final Year Projects is one of our core domain. We came up with an innovative idea  of Magic Mirror at ICE 2018 NFC-IET MULTAN. Our goal was to represent the innovative idea with an imagination beyond vision.

Magic Mirror Integrated with Artificial Intelligence


Smart mirrors are straight from science fiction. They’re part of an optimistic vision of the future that imagines a world where screens and data are everywhere, ready to feed you whatever information you need at a moment’s notice. But it turns out that building your own smart mirror isn’t just science fiction — it’s actually really easy to put one together.

I know most of you must be unfamiliar with this concept of Magic Mirror. For demonstrating the Magic Mirror. I would like you to recall that pretty story of Snow-white and the seven Dwarfs. In which the wicked queen used to ask her magic mirror “Who is the most beautiful in the World?” The mirror always keeps on replying “Snow-White is the beautiful”

Let’s come back to our concept of Magic Mirror integrated with Artificial Intelligence. Same is the concept of the Magic Mirror integrated with Artificial Intelligence. A Magic Mirror integrated with Artificial Intelligence provides you with the preview of your reflection in the mirror like one. Not only your reflection but also provides you with the latest news, local weather forecast updates, upcoming events, a pretty compliment, a nice quotation to give your day a head start. In addition to this we upgraded our Magic Mirror with the module of Bitcoin changing rates with instant updates for the Bitcoin Miners.

Artificial Intelligence

You must be well familiar with the Artificial Intelligence of J.A.R.V.I.S, Siri form Apple, Bixby from Samsung, and Alexa from Echo Dot. All these voice assistant are integrated with the Artificial Intelligence. Which not only replies to your voice commands also perform certain type of tasks.

And Here comes our Magic Mirror with Integrated Artificial Intelligence, which can talk to you like a Magic Mirror one in the Snow-White and seven Dwarfs.

Experience at ICE Innovative Competition of Engineering 2018

We enjoyed a lot presenting our Telecom Academy at ICE Innovative Competition of Engineering 2018. There was a tough competition for us to beat the other. But last not the least we won the hearts and praising comments of the judges and the audience too. There were different Universities presenting their projects which mainly includes IOT and soft wear based simulation.

Achieving award at ICE Innovative Competition of Engineering 2018

Telecom Academy at ICE 2018 NFC-IET MULTAN

It was a shocking moment when we got a call from stage. That our Magic Mirror has won the second Price in the ICE event. At the end of day, we not only earned an achievement but also the fame and precious moments. Thanks to God Almighty.

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