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Intro to Telecommunication

Telecommunication is the transmission of signs, signs, messages, words, writings, pictures and sounds or intelligence of any nature by wire, radio, optical or other electromagnetic medium. Telecommunication occurs when the exchange of messages between communicating participants comprises the usage of technology. It is transmitted either electrically over physical media, for example as wires, or via electromagnetic radiation.

Telecom Acadmey is focussing on providing the lectures, tutorials and Expert advice related to the Telecommunication field. So people can excel themselves in the field of Telecommunication and do some innovation as everyone is familiar that with increasing demand of Telecommunication in every aspect of life. There is need of innovation and doing some exceptional to give yourself boast to secure the future with the help of Telecom Acadmey.

Telecom Acadmey is Focussing on the students and field related persons and Job holders to make their skills more valuable for the market. The competition level of the Industrial market is increasing day by day. To keep pace with this competition you have to gear up with the New and modern knowledge that is being provided by our Experts at Telecom Acadmey. We are giving lectures and tutorials about the various fields related to Telecommunication. Each field of Telecommunication is discussed in a great detail by our Experts and Instructors. They will also help you in solving your problems and dealing with your queries regarding these following Fields.


Types of telecommunication networks includes.

Computer networks

Internet is the modern day technology for connecting and communicating the world. We will keep you updated for the latest updates and news about the internet.


Advanced Research Project Agency Networks including TCP/IP protocols implementation and their functionality has become the fundamentals of the internet.


Ethernet is internet technology for accessing the internet. Basic troubleshooting while deploying Ethernet based Networks is discussed in the lectures and tutorials.


Internet is the biggest communication source. We will keep you updated regarding the innovation in the field of the internet.

Wireless networks

Wireless Networks including different technologies Wi-Fi, WiMax, GSM, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti and their configurations and troubleshooting will be dicussed in a great deal.

Public switched telephone networks (PSTN)

Public switched telephone networks (PSTN) is the World Circuit Switched Network and the basic functionality of the PSTN will be discussed by our Experts.

Packet switched networks

Packet switched Networks and information regarding the packet framing and defragmentation and much more will be updated on Telecom Academy.

Radio networks

Radio Networks regarding RF engineers and multiple simulation for the radio network on multiple simulators tools including OPNET OMNET GNS3.

Television networks

Television Networks and their deployment also the new technology including streaming media players from the likes of Apple, Amazon, Google, and Roku will make your older TV smarter the moment you plug them in.


Video conferencing for point to point video conferencing system and also other solutions for video conferencing. Their troubleshooting will be discussed by the Experts.


VoIP Internet telephony using multiple Clients for establishing calling setup not only over the LAN but also for WAN. Different VoIP solutions and their configuration and troubleshooting will be provided in a brief course.

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