TOP 10 Blog Directories that still works.

Google has recently banned some blog directories. But there are some of the blogs which proved to be helpful. The important thing is that they are still working. You can still post submit your blogs to these active blog directories and get a backlinks from them.

What are Blogs?

Internet weblogs, better known as blogs, are fast becoming an essential category of Web websites. Just as a growing number of businesses add a blog component to their current website, as well as a crosslinked standalone site, blogs eventually become a portion of the web mainstream.

As a part of that internet mainstream bloggers find a way to enter into most of the popular internet directories to create a backlink. When they create a backlink the Google search Engine Crawler or Bots visit the popular websites they found the links of the submitted blog sites. Search Engine consider that submitted Blog URL and increase the rank also the index of the Google.


Site Submission to Active Blog Directories.


Before submitting the Blog URLs always check the quality and ranking traffic of the directory then post your link. One way to check the blog directory is to check it on the Alexa and also on the google to know that whether it is active on search engine not spammed by the engine. Now do visit the site and add the blog. Do create your account. Some of the blog directory accept your link about week to accept some may take 2 or 3 months to accept our link to create a backlink. Some of the directory ask for the reciprocal links. You have to add the directory links on your site and in turn your sites are added into their blog. After few days you can delete their links. Create a blog and give the required info.



TOP 10 Blog Directories that still works.

          1. Blog Flux (Education Blog Directory)
          2. OnTopList Telecom Academy - Blog Directory
          3.  Blogging Fusion Blog Directory

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