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I am Hamza Arif from telecom academy, welcome to YouTube SEO 2017 in previous tutorial we discussed that YouTube SEO Keyword Planning for Niche, in this tutorial we will discuss google keyword planner. If you are good in research in keyword then you will easily rank your videos.

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Open Google Keyword planner you can see here Find new keywords and get search volume data, first of all select search for new keyword using a phrase, website or category.

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How to use Google Keyword Planner

Here you will see three types of finding keyword

  • Your product or service
  • Your landing page
  • Your product category

Google Keyword planner

What is product or service? Here you can write any keyword of which you want to check volume data and monthly searches.

What is your landing page? Here you can write your competitor website address and you will get his/her website ranking keywords.

What is your product category? Here you can select the category of your related post or keyword.

You can also work on Top 5, Top 10, Top 20, Top 50 on this topics you can find a lot keyword on this topics for example let Top 5 Cricketers, Top 5 healthy foods, Top 5 countries and many more.

So go to google keyword planner and type your keyword for example my topic is Cricket six and then I will select category and then I will select specific country in which I want to rank my video. I select Pakistan now click on get idea’s. You can see there is no competition on those keyword’s it’s mean I can easily rank my website on google or video. So I have to copy all of them and you can also see that how much traffic i can grab on those topics with monthly searches 10-100K+. Here is come keywords which contain more than 2 words like “live cricket match streaming” this is long term keywords.

Keyword ideas

In next video I will tell you what is long term keyword and short term keyword. in previous tutorial I told you that you can earn 1$ with one click also there is the secret of this tip. You can see the Suggested bid of keyword in my case there is very low suggested bid if you will work on education or health or other category you will get more suggested bid. If someone come from google or YouTube with specific keyword and click on your ad then you can earn per click 1$ or more then it.

Now download all of them and then remove those keyword which monthly searches is less than 300, you can use it but I always remove them.

In next tutorial we will discuss more interesting thing related to YouTube SEO Keep in touch!

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