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Hello I am Hamza Arif from Telecom Academy, in this tutorial you will learn that how to configure VoIP phone for VoIP call in cisco Packet tracer, in last tutorial many people don’t get that how I did it, they many question related to VoIP phone configuring that’s why I am going to make again an simple videos, now let’s start.


As we know VoIP system basically is used to create a local calling network, with this we can create a calling system with in a LAN network. I will try to provide you VoIP phone service for best VoIP call.

In this tutorial we will configure VoIP phone and create VoIP call network.

So, here we need a router 2811, a switch 2950 and 2 IP Phone’s.

We will create VoIP server in router, for this purpose if you going to establish VoIP system in real time then you must have a specific Operating system and you have to install it in router.

VoIP Phone Configuration

But in this tutorial we are going to work on Cisco packet tracer, after drag all of them then we have to configure IP phone attach adapter with them. Then you have to do following configuration on switch


  • Vlan 10
  • Name Voice
  • Exit
  • Int ra fa0/2-3
  • Switchport mode access
  • Switchport voice vlan 10
  • Exit
  • Int ra fa0/4-24
  • Shut
  • Int fa0/1
  • Switchport mode trunk
  • Wr

I select Fa0/2-3 because IP phone connected with those switch ports, and shutdown all other ports for security purpose ok, now we have to configure Router.

  • Int fa0/0
  • No shut
  • In fa0/0.10
  • Encapsulation Dot1Q 10
  • Ip add x.x.x.x x.x.x.x
  • Exit
  • Ip dhcp excluded-address x.x.x.x
  • Ip dhcp pool Voice
  • Net x.x.x.x x.x.x.x
  • Def x.x.x.x
  • Option 150 ip x.x.x
  • Exit
  • Telephony-service
  • Max-dn 2
  • Max-ephone 2
  • Ip source address x.x.x.x port 2000
  • Exit
  • Ephone-dn 1
  • Number 1000
  • Ephone-dn 2
  • Number 2000
  • Ex
  • Ephone 1
  • Button 1:1
  • Ephone 2
  • Button 1:2

So here you configure your VoIP call network, I will also tell you that how you can make your VoIP call better how to increase quality of service of your VoIP phone calling.

VoIP call better quality

VoIP call is better if you have good internet Connection, you can also create FreePBX server for you VoIP phone network.

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Hope you like this VoIP phone call network configuration on cisco packet tracer, I will post more interesting thing keep in touch!

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