What is a command? Linux command tutorial with examples

What is a Command?

The simplest answer to the question, “What is a command?”, is that a command is a software program that when executed on the command line, performs an action on the computer.

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When you consider a command using this definition, you are really considering what happens when you execute a command. When you type in a command, a process is run by the operating system that can read input, manipulate data and produce output. From this perspective, a command runs a process on the operating system. Which then causes the computer to perform a job.

Different sources of commands

However, there is another way of looking at what a command is: look at its source. The source is where the command “comes from” and there are several different sources of commands within the shell of your CLI:

  • Commands built-in to the shell itself: A good example is the cd command as it is part of the bash shell. When a user types the cd command, the bash shell is already executing and knows how to interpret that command, requiring no additional programs to be started.
  • Commands that are stored in files that are searched by the shell: If you type a ls command, then the shell searches through the directories that are listed in the PATH variable to try to find a file named ls that it can execute. These commands can also be executed by typing the complete path to the command.
  • Aliases: An alias can override a built-in command, function, or a command that is found in a file. Aliases can be useful for creating new commands built from existing functions and commands.
  • Functions: Functions can also be built using existing commands to either create new commands, override commands built-in to the shell or commands stored in files. Aliases and functions are normally loaded from the initialization files when the shell first starts, discussed later in this section.


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