WhatsApp Secret Features - You should know

Today we are going to discuss Whatsapp Secret Features. You have to update your application to use these features. These features are really very useful.

WhatsApp Secret Features Request account info

First feature is you can easily download a report of your whole whatsapp data and you can get a copy of this report, unfortunately it will not contain your messages but it have all the detail of your account. After updating WhatsApp, you have to go to three dots and then settings and then account then you will “Request account info” click on it and it will take time, after that WhatsApp give you the copy of your report.

WhatsApp Secret Features Media in Gallery

Second feature is very useful for those people who don’t want to show their WhatsApp videos and picture in gallery. Now WhatsApp provides an option, with this option you can check that the videos and picture wouldn’t save in gallery. Simple click on 3 dots and then go to setting then click “Data and storage usage” and scroll down and you will get the option.

WhatsApp Secret Features Forwarded Label

Third feature is to show label on forwarded message. It’s available in update, when someone forward a message to you, it will show forwarded label on message.

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WhatsApp Secret Features Restore the Images and videos

Fourth feature is just amazing, it solves the biggest issue of the user. Many people delete sometimes their pictures of whatsapp or they lost their pictures when they delete the WhatsApp but now this new updated feature helps us to get those picture or videos back, yes you can download them back again even you delete these.

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